Just Be

There’s something about a trip back home that opens your eyes and gets your feet back on the ground.  It must be something about going back to your roots, where it all started, that shakes you.

Going back home to California for a week at a time has become my vacation while I’m working and attending school in Arizona. It’s when I go back home and have this vacation time with my family and friends that I realize how little of my life I actually live.

Daily life has become a chore for the human race. It is filled with deadlines, responsibilities, and tasks that take our attention away from the simpler things life has to offer. Living life to the fullest extent doesn’t mean climbing a mountain every week, visiting a foreign country, or mastering a specific skill. Living our lives to the fullest extent means enjoying each day that God gives us on this earth – the ability to just be.

Perhaps it’s the vacation mentality I have while I’m back home that allows me to sit on the beach with my best friends, stare at the ocean, and just talk about our lives – enjoying the simplicity that I’m blessed with. It’s something about these moments that ignite a fire within me: The fire to marvel at the day and its blessings, wherever I am.

Could you imagine how much happier we’d feel if we took the time to give our worries, responsibilities, and trials to God and just enjoy what we’ve been blessed with? No matter the schedule, make time to breathe and just be.



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