Vegetarian Challenge

Every summer, I have a tendency to become so bored with my routine that I feel the need to challenge myself. In all honesty, this challenge never makes it past two weeks. Last summer, I decided to participate in the No Junk Food Challenge:


I almost made it. Two weeks down, one week to go – vacation. Everyone knows how difficult it is to diet on vacation.

This summer, I decided to start a blog. Hey! You’re reading that blog. So far, so good. While walking around Target yesterday, another challenge came to mind. The fruit and vegetables in the produce section looked fantastic and I thought to myself, what if I were a vegetarian? Me being, well, me…that’s not happening. I love steak, hamburgers, fried chicken, and fish. I love it all.

Here’s where the challenge comes into play. I made the choice to be a vegetarian for a week: July 22 – July 29.

I don’t eat meat all that often (mostly because I don’t want to cook it) and because of that, I didn’t think it would be incredibly difficult. Made it through day one, day two going strong, now it’s dinner time and I want a burger.

Wish me luck.

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