Good Morning!

Hello readers, Internet users, friendly faces.

Today begins my first, full day at my new internship. In addition to interning with the Arizona Diamondbacks, I will now be interning with the Beth & Friends morning show on 99.9 KEZ here in Phoenix.

Yes, morning show. My sleep schedule (at the moment) is anything but ready for early mornings, but life is all about a little bit of sacrifice and adaptation. Seeing as I’m practically nocturnal, I haven’t slept in anticipation of my first day. My alarm is due to go off in about ten minutes and I’ve decided to blog with my remaining time.

Perhaps I’ve come to you out of boredom this morning, or maybe I just wanted a place to discuss the difficulties of pulling a 180 on a sleep schedule. Emergen-C and coffee will be my best friends in the coming weeks, and I’m up for the challenge. New bedtimes brought by juggling my senior year at Arizona State University, two internships, expanding my writing portfolio, and being involved in my church – who says it can’t be done?

Thanks to my new found love for The Newsroom on HBO (YAY JOURNALISM), I’ve been able to stay sane through this sleepless night.

Looking at the clock (for the millionth time), I suppose it’s time to get ready for this day. Here’s to new opportunities!

Glory to God, always.

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