Song of the Day: Take A Back Road – Rodney Atkins

It’s been a little less than two months since my 21st birthday and my favorite part about being the legal drinking age is the ability to go out with friends as the designated driver.

Something I most enjoy about being a designated driver (other than the obvious in getting my friends home safe and sound) is that it gives me an excuse to drive past 2:00 am. Although I’m aware of the dangers of driving late at night, there is something incredibly peaceful about it that is almost addicting.

Driving on warm, Arizona nights with the windows down, music blaring, on an empty highway, is a feeling that I can’t get enough of. Monsoon season brought nights that smelled of rain and fresh air, with a lightning show that adorned the sky – perfection.

Some of my best thinking is done while driving. From time to time, I’ll have a day that “makes me wanna take the long way home,” so I will. I’ve found that an extra 15 minutes on the road gives my mind just enough time to unwind and unravel from a long, stressful day. It’s practically therapeutic.

“Some old back road, get right with my soul.
Now all I gotta do is take some old back road.”

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