Senior Year: Fall Semester, 2013

Senior Year: Fall Semester, 2013

There is one week during the year when you won’t find me complaining about school: the first week.

The days leading up to new classes are exciting. I always wonder what my classes and professors are going to be like, and oftentimes I’m thrilled about my upcoming schedule.

This is my final fall semester of school and I couldn’t be more excited for the classes I’m taking:

Popular Music – Michael Jackson
History of the American Southwest

Sportswriting is going to be a class that I hope challenges me in order to fine tune my skills before I head out into the real world of sports journalism. Also…I’m taking a class on Michael Jackson. How cool is that?

Check back in a a month and a half or so to see if I’m still as excited about school starting.


  1. thecoffeeloverr · August 19, 2013

    I was about to say I would like your Broadcast News book I see in that photo. I’m also entering my last year in college and I have a bunch of communication classes I’m just so excited to take and get working on. Good luck to you! 🙂

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