The Easy (And Life-Changing) 3-Step Challenge That Every Young Woman Needs To Start Today

Thought Catalog

The life of a young woman is one that has the pressures of any young person — find a job, create relationships, carve out a life for yourself — but it also comes with a nice layer of “Hey, how about you hate yourself and other women out of some misguided sense of inadequacy and competition” that makes the whole thing just that much harder. But there are distinct, relatively easy steps we can all take to try and alleviate that latter half as much as possible. If nothing else, it’s guaranteed to make at least a bit more self-aware, and better people overall. Cheers to beginning today!

Step 1: Make a note of every time you make an unnecessarily negative remark about yourself or another woman for a whole week.

While there are always legitimate criticisms to make about other human beings, we can all recognize the difference between…

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