Song of the Day: The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

Creating playlists on Spotify is one of the most therapeutic activities for me. Each playlist I make usually coincides with whatever mood I’m in at the present moment and is titled after a song within the playlist – original, I know.

My most recent playlist titled “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” (Coldplay) is one of my favorites. This group of songs is all about moving on from things you’ve been chained to. Maybe it’s a broken heart, a series of frustrations with school, work, faith, family, money – whatever it may be. This playlist is all about facing adversity and being the most awesome person you can be despite your struggle. This song is on that playlist.

Jimmy Eat World tells us it takes some time, but everything will be just fine.

It’s true, ya know.

The concept is cliche, but it’s real. People deal with the inability to move forward every day of their lives. The good news is light will always shine through in the darkest times, and that is a blessing. Make a pathway for that light with a little optimism.

Hey, don’t write yourself off yet.

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