Unashamed To Be Happy

Thought Catalog

“Good, how are you?” I asked automatically.

“I am fantastic,” my ride-share driver replied.

I looked up from my phone. While I’ve heard this auto-pilot response many times, something about her words hooked my attention. But what?

Ah…what took me by surprise was that she seemed to really mean it.

While most of the people around me are capable of being good-humored, excited, energized, I admit there are very few I’ve met who seem to nurture a baseline of strong contentment. More commonly, I observe baselines of lackluster waiting-for-the-next-stimulation (and these are the better cases).

I asked her what made her so happy.

“The bills are paid – I live comfortably. I get to do my art [crafts]. I’m married to a man who loves me more than I deserve; every morning, he wakes up so happy. My ex was always unhappy; he always wanted more. He used to…

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