Song of the Day: Through the Dark – One Direction

I’ve heard plenty of praise and criticism surrounding One Direction’s newest album Midnight Memories; so much of both that I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to give the teen pop sensation’s third album a shot. After some convincing, I did…and couldn’t be happier.

Where One Direction sits in their career reminds me a lot of where the Jonas Brothers found themselves around the time their third album was released. Two albums that were strictly one-dimensional and a third that confused, shocked, and surprised diehard fans. Could this be the music this group of boys has been longing to share with their fans?

Like the Jonas Brothers’ Lines, Vines and Trying Times, I am also a huge fan of One Direction’s Midnight Memories. They’ve ventured away from the pop genre and mixed in alternative, electronic, and folk. While the European heart-throbs have managed to appease their fans of old with songs like ‘Best Song Ever’ and ‘You & I,’ Midnight Memories comes at a time fit for the group to capitalize on music they’ve written on their own.

Depending on whether or not fans enjoy this transition will determine their success in the near future and very possibly their remaining career as a group.

Due to the fact that I am beyond pleasantly surprised, I’ll be sticking around as a “Directioner” for a little while longer.

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