10 Simple And Realistic Ways To Be More Positive

Thought Catalog

After some odd years of worrying about everything from exam grades to my social life, I’ve noticed and accepted my unfortunate predisposition to a somewhat negative way of thinking. I’m not saying that I’m an unhappy person or that the glass is always half empty, but I tend to overanalyze things, leading to some negative thoughts (but hey, I guess that’s what prompts me to write, too).

Knowing this, I’m proactive about creating positivity in my life. Even if I am a negative thinker at times, I realize how important it is to make this conscious effort. It’s okay if it doesn’t come so naturally.

1. Make a list of things that make you feel productive and happy.

Do them every day. Sure, watching Netflix for three straight hours after work makes me happy, but it doesn’t necessarily make me feel accomplished when I fall into bed at night. To…

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