What My Instagram Would Look Like If I Was Honest

Thought Catalog

6:45 AM

A picture of a pillow case with drool on it. I’d go with the Lo-Fi filter to accentuate that the pillow is literally covered in drool.

The photo ends up getting 5 likes– mostly due to how impressed they were with the amount of drool I can produce in a nights sleep.

7:10 AM

The least attractive selfie you can think of from my bathroom mirror. My self made face mask of toothpaste is still covering a large zit on my forehead. My retainers are still secured tightly to my teeth.

1 sympathy like from my bff and three guys unfollow me. #woof.

8:50 AM

A picture of coffee made from the office coffee maker. It’s the most average cup of coffee you’ve ever seen in the most unremarkable mug. You can just barely see my cubicle in the background. There is no filter that can do the…

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