Twenty-Something Tired

Perhaps it’s because I consider myself a “twenty-something” that I now see a plethora of articles from blog to blog about those of us in our twenties and the things we should be doing. 

While some of these are lovely suggestions and guidelines, I would suppose not all of us “twenty-somethings” think in the same manner. Isn’t that the beauty of being this age? We’re free to experiment with our thoughts and life experiences. It could be that this period of time in our lives is when we’ll discover something as complex as who we’re meant to be or something as simple as our favorite pizza toppings.

My blog was originally titled “Twenty-Something” and consisted of little pieces of my journey through these years in my twenties. Although I’ve looked to cater to that “twenty-something” type of audience, I’ve made a slight change in my blog’s dynamic to avoid scaring off those of you who don’t necessarily want to be told what you should or should not be accomplishing in your twenties. 

It’s not really up to us anyway. 

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