Braving The Constitution State

Every morning, I wake up to a big, beautiful tree outside of my bedroom window, accompanied by a gentle rustling of leaves. Every morning, I completely forget that I am an entire country away from home.

I’m closing in on my monthaversary as a citizen of Middletown, Connecticut and I couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing – and so quickly! Regardless of the distance from here to California, I’ve learned to call somewhere other than Fullerton, California home over the course of the past four years, and that has made this transition smoother than I assumed it would be – reduced homesickness and a much larger sense of adventure.

That being said, I’m not without moments of loneliness. On days off, I find myself scrolling through various social media accounts wondering what it might be like if I were in California with my family and best friends, or in Arizona with those I’ve grown close to while away at school. Instead, I’m sitting on the couch in my apartment, still trying to organize different parts of my old life into the new one I’ve started.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned in this is that the trials and tribulations that come with leaving the old behind in order to embrace something new, are merely temporary in the grand scheme of life. We trust in what we know, adjust to things we learn, and create a moment telling of a who we’ve become.

Connecticut is the most beautiful place for a lesson in bravery. If you must be brave, be brave in a place where God’s beauty surrounds. Every tree is a reminder that I have a constant source of comfort from a constant source of company.

until next time

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