How I won the “winter skin” battle

Having grown in up sunny southern California, I’ve never known the perils of winter weather. Any change in the temperature would last for a week and we’d be back to sunny and 75 in a heartbeat – not exactly what I’d call “winter” by any stretch of the imagination.

My first real winter consisted of many adjustments, one of which I wasn’t prepared for: winter skin. IT’S NOT A MYTH. 

The last time my skin was in extremely poor condition was during a post-break up, anxiety-fueled freshman year of college. This led to investing in harsh acne-fighting products which would help my skin, but dry it out something awful. I didn’t notice this major face faux pas until I moved to the east coast.

The weather AND the acne scrubs, toners, and lotions were wrecking havoc on my skin and I began to break out more and more. In addition to a few other acne-causing factors, these products were no longer helping my face – they were making it worse. Fear not, my friends! I have since found a solution.


Alba Bontanica Hawaiian Oil Free Moisturizer

Little did I know that changing your skin care routine in the winter was so essential! I gave up the harsh toner and moisturizer and replaced them with witch hazel and Alba Bontanica Hawaiian Oil Free Moisturizer: Refining Aloe & Green Tea. This product is available at Target for just under $15 and it is completely worth it. The aloe and green tea leave your face feeling extra fresh after a wash. The even better news is that green tea (both consumed and used topically) does wonders for your skin: Green tea used topically can reduce redness. Not to mention that this moisturizer is oil free, so for us acne-prone folks, this is a major win!

Before I go: don’t forget the sunscreen!

What are your favorite “winter skin” remedies?



  1. richardfultron · February 13, 2015

    Great article, also, don’t forget to clean up your diet. This will lead to a major improvement in what gets excreted by the skin. Check out my article on food for great skin.

    • Gabrielle Castillo · February 14, 2015

      Yes! That’s made a huge difference. I was lacking some serious H2O.

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